Sep 12 2022

CNBL Round 6: Tianjin Lions 3-9 Jiangsu Juma Beijing 7-8 Guangdong

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On August 25, okbet safe gamling, the sixth round of the 2019 China Professional Baseball League (CNBL) is also the third series of fierce battles in the second week. Both teams playing at home have won this round. Despite Tianjin lion catcher Du Xiaoci knocking out a left outfield YangChun cannon, Jiangsu Juma won the match 9-3. The Guangdong Cheetahs fought with the Beijing Tigers until the ninth set, only to win 8-7, winning their first home win while stopping a two-game losing streak.
Tianjin Lion 3:9 Jiangsu Juma
In the first half of the first inning, tianjin adjusted the pioneer from Li Hao to Cui Bowen. Jiangsu team starting pitcher Ye Zijie hit two hitters in a row, and finally handled Zhang Chunxuan's rolling earth three up and three down. In the second half of the first inning, perhaps due to the fatigue of the morning and evening consecutive battles, Jiangsu second baseman Lu Yi, after a out, faced Li Chen, who had started for two consecutive days, hit a three-base run between the left and the center, and the three-bar Du Xiaolei used Goofy's sacrifice to fight the first to win the first, Tianjin 0:1 Jiangsu.
In the first half of the second inning, Guo Tao hit the left field flat flying ball first, and Lu Chenjie tried to jump up and catch the ball without success, forming a second base. After two outs, Du Xiaoci knocked on the left field to help Tianjin equalize, Tianjin 1:1 Jiangsu. Ye Zijie used a tricky inner corner to strike three times Gao Jiaqiang to get the third number of exits. In the second half of the second inning, Li Chen was unstable in control of the ball, and after successive guarantees, Jiangsu seven-bar Zhang Fan pushed forward with a short play, and tianjin faced a crisis of one out of two or three bases. Switch to Sun Jianzeng standing on the pitcher hill. Li Qi hit the earth in the direction of guerrilla, Wang Jinzhe received the ball to try to block home base, the ball hit the body of Lu Chenjie, who was returning to base, and scored effectively, Tianjin 1:2 Jiangsu. Wang Ningqiao beat through the guerrilla King Jin Zheyu jumped to the garrison, took another dozen points, and then the pirate base failed to get out. Chen Chen hit a homer on the right side, and the score was locked in Tianjin 1:4 Jiangsu.
In the first half of the third inning, Tianjin's two outfield fly balls were out, and Zhang Chunxuan failed to get his right-sided teammate Gao Guanxu to advance. In the second half of the third inning, Wang Jinzhe reappeared in a wonderful garrison, and after the backhand slid in, the powerful rolling earth that Du Xiaolei hit steadily killed the first base. Although Cai Weifan and Lu Chenjie continued to cross the ampera, the follow-up sticks failed to achieve tandem.
In the first half of the fourth inning, after Guo Tao chose the ball to base, Lin Jiawei was arrested by Zhang Fan, who caught the flying ball and went out. Zhang Fan performed brilliantly in succession, and after Liu Hongcheng, who came on as a substitute with three strikes, he held the ball and passed directly to the second base, blocking Guo Tao, who tried to steal the base, to complete the double kill, and arranged three outs in the half inning. In the bottom half of the fourth inning, after two outs, zhang Chunxuan, the second baseman, received the ball and let Chen Chen go up to the first base, but the catcher Du Xiaoci blocked it at the second base and caught the third out.
In the first half of the fifth inning, after Du Xiaoci's flying ball was out, Wang Jinzhe struck out of the guerrilla direction to roll the earth to form a propulsion hit, sending Gao Jiaqiang, who was on the base of the four bad balls, to the dot circle. A stick Choi Bowen swung the stick and missed three strikes out. In the bottom half of the fifth inning, Tianjin's successive mistakes at home and abroad and third bases led to the situation that no one was out of the first and second bases. Four-bar Cai Weifan hit a base roll out of the game, but pushed his teammates into a base. Lu Chenjie sacrificed a flying ball to play, exchanging a number of outs for a point, Tianjin 1:5 Jiangsu. Zhang Fan hit the ball in the right direction of the outside direction, causing Lin Jiawei to make a mistake, and two Jiangsu runners waited for the opportunity to enter the base, and the score came to Tianjin 1:7 Jiangsu. Eight-stick Li Qi failed to try a safe short hit, drawing a rest for Jiangsu's three-point offensive tide.
In the first half of the sixth inning, the first batter, Gao Guanxu, tried to use the clever play to fish out the low ball out of the infield, but was confiscated by Du Xiaolei, who was transferred to second base today's garrison position. After three or four sticks returned without success, the Tianjin team went up and down three times. In the bottom half of the sixth inning, after a pass, Chen Chen hit a strong flat fly ball through the Tianjin chinese and foreign defenses, and the ball was clipped to the gap between the wall and the ground at home base, delaying the time for the guard return pass, and Chen Chen took the opportunity to go up to third base. The next stick Lu Yi played in time, Chen Chenshun down, Tianjin 1:8 Jiangsu. Sun Jianzeng grabbed two outs in a row to terminate the half set.
In the first half of the seventh inning, after Chen Tianyi and Liu Hongcheng, who came on as substitutes, went out in succession, the seven-bar Du Xiaoci opened the ball with the first shot and pulled the ball directly out of the left outfield wall. The left-field Yangchun cannon also became CNBL's second home run, Tianjin 2:8 Jiangsu. When Du Xiaoci passed the home base, he kissed his finger and gently stroked the home base plate, showing the tenderness of iron hunting. In the second half of the seventh inning, Tianjin switched to young player Wang Fenghao. Although he threw the touch ball that vibrated Zhang Fan's elbow, he still had the thrill to defend the half set.
In the first half of the eighth inning, the well-guarded first-baseman Wang Jinzhe hit a guerrilla cross-over to hit the base, but the follow-up three hitters continued to hit and failed to close the score. In the bottom half of the eighth inning, Chen Chen successfully came to first base after a out. Lu Yi hit a homer along the left side, Tianjin left fielder could not handle it, Chen Chen ran back to the insurance points, Lu Yi went up to second base, Tianjin 2:9 Jiangsu. Wang Fenghao used the first base of the out-of-bounds fly ball and the second base to roll the earth to obtain the next two outs.
In the first half of the ninth inning, Tianjin made waves again, and the substitute center played four or five or six sticks. Zhang Zeyi first struck out the guerrilla direction to roll the earth out. After Chen Tianyi'an hit the base, Liu Hongcheng hit a double-kill, a baseman made a mistake in receiving the ball, and the Jiangsu team almost ended the game with a goodbye double kill. Du Xiaoci, who felt hot in the hand, hit the left field fly ball that was suspected of being home run and landed outside the line, and finally changed the situation to two outs and one three bases with a left field hit. Eight-stick Gao Jiaqiang played at the right time, and Tianjin team recovered a point 3:9 Jiangsu. The flying ball struck by the nine sticks was picked up by the Jiangsu first base. The score was 3:9 in Tianjin, Jiangsu.
In this game, Jiangsu young pitcher Ye Zijie won nine innings, tianjin catcher Du Xiaoci found the offensive feel, and played two in a single game.
Next week' showdown between the two sides continues, with Jiangsu Juma away to Tianjin Anda Lions. Whether the Jiangsu team can continue the hot scoring offensive to sit at the top of the league list, and whether the catcher Du Xiaoci can lead the Tianjin team to the soaring horse.
Both sides started the line-up
Tianjin Lion:
1. Cui Bowen Left fielder
2. Gao Guanxu is a baseman
3. Zhang Chunxuan second baseman
4. Guo Tao designates strikes
5. Lin Jiawei Right fielder
6. Li Hao, a fielder
7. Du Xiaoci Catcher
8. Gao Jiaqiang third baseman
9. Wang Jinzhe guerrilla
Starting pitcher: Li Chen
Jiangsu Juma
1. Chen Chen, third baseman
2. Lu Yi Right fielder
3. Du Xiaolei second baseman
4. Cai Weifan A baseman
5. Lu Chenjie Left fielder
6. Chu Fujia designated strike
7. Zhang Fan Catcher
8. Li Qi, a guerrilla
9. Wang Ning, a fielder
Starting pitcher: Ye Zijie

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