Sep 13 2022

CNBL:General Su crossed the knife immediately, the Tigers attacked with 8 points in a single game

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In the second week of the CFL, Beijing Tigers went south to challenge Guangdong Cheetahs, and the Tigers won two and lost one.

Who dares to cross the sword and stand on the horse? Only I, General Su

Tianjin Lions No. 58 Su Changlong is one of the few "post-80s" veterans in the 2019 CFL, and is the oldest player in this year's league. There is no need to ask whether Lian Po is still able to eat when he is old, Su has proved with his strength and performance that the old man is still in the stable, and the 37-year-old veteran is worthy of being the pins of the team.

In the opening game of the CJL, Su appeared as a reliever and gave up 5K on 60 pitches in 4 2/3 innings, giving up only 2 hits and no runs. Su was instrumental in the Tianjin Lions' 3-2 win over the Beijing Tigers in the opener. In the second game of the series against Jiangsu Vantage this week, Su again came to the plate as a reliever in the fifth inning, and blocked Jiangsu's bats with three up and three down for four consecutive half innings, helping Tianjin to maintain their lead until the end.

After six rounds of play, Su ranks first in pitching defense with 9.2 innings pitched, 0 runs allowed, and 0 runs responsible, and the veteran legend continues!

Tigers awaken to power, 8 runs in a single inning offensive frenzy!

In the second game of the series this week, the Beijing Tigers faced the Guangdong Cheetahs, who took the lead in scoring in the first three innings. The Beijing Tigers, who were always at a disadvantage, did not recover 2 points until the fifth inning, and then the Tigers went on an offensive rampage in the sixth inning.

First, an infield grounder by Dong Wei made the Cheetahs make a mistake in guarding and successfully captured the scoring circle. Next, the Tigers' fourth batter, Zhang Sai, hit a triple to bring home Dong Wei and also took third base himself. After forcing Guangdong to change pitches, the new pitcher struck out and got the first out, while the defense shut down one man. Beijing Tigers Lu Yi singled to bring home Zhang Sai from third base. After the pitcher misplayed the ball and walked two in a row, the Tigers scored consecutive runs and loaded the bases. The Cheetahs had to change pitchers again, which didn't stop the Tigers from scoring until they shut down the Tigers again to end the half inning. The Beijing Tigers scored 8 runs in the inning and managed to make a comeback.

The Tigers scored 8 runs in one inning, the most runs in one inning since the start of the league.

Grow up! Finishing pitches from the junior

In the third game of the second week of the series, Jiangsu Vantage Horse defeated the visiting Tianjin Lions 9-2, with a nine-inning complete game win by Vantage Horse starting pitcher Junior Ye Zijie. The three pitchers, Zhang Deyang, Wu Anjun and Zhu Songjun, are all currently ranked in the top five of the league's pitching defense list, with junior Wu Anjun under 20 years old.

It is no coincidence that the CFL has also witnessed the growth of Beijing Tigers' junior pitchers. In the second round of the CFL, 19-year-old Li Qian was the starting pitcher for the Beijing Tigers, and he completely overpowered the Tianjin team by himself - shutting down the Tianjin Lions' batting line with 7 Ks in 9 innings, which was the number one contributor to the win.

Home run! See you again home run!

The Tianjin Lions challenged the Jiangsu Juma series away for the third game. Facing the 8-1 lead after the sixth round of the Juma, the Tianjin Lions only had a chance!

In times of crisis, lone heroes are even more needed! In the first half of the seventh inning, the Lions came off the bench and went out two in a row. Catcher Du Xiaoci played with seven sticks. Du Xiaoci opened the first ball and pulled the ball directly out of the left field wall. Home run! This Yangchun Cannon from left field also became the second home run of the Chinese Professional Baseball League, and the Lions recovered one point. When Du Xiaoci ran over home plate, he kissed his finger and stroked the plate, showing his tenderness.

The first home run of the 2019 Chinese Professional Baseball League came in the opening game between the Tianjin Lions and the Beijing Tigers. In the first half of the second inning, Xue Zhe of the Beijing Tigers nine-ball hit a straight ball from the center and hit the left field directly, hitting the first home run in this league! Overjoyed, Xue Zhe ran back to the home plate to score, and celebrated with a high five with all his teammates.

Neither of these two spring home runs helped the team win the final victory, but it did not prevent us from applauding and cheering for the home run!

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