Sep 13 2022

17 rounds of the CNBL: Beijing Tigers lost to Jiangsu Juma Tianjin won over Guangdong

By Basu
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On October 12, okbet gamling, the seventeenth round of the regular season of the China Professional Baseball was over, and the Beijing Tigers lost 2-5 to Jiangsu Juma, leaving the suspense of the first place in the regular season to the last round. The Tianjin Lions won 8-6 against the visiting Guangdong Cheetahs thanks to Cui Bowen's brilliant performance.

Beijing Tigers vs Jiangsu Juma

In the first half of the inning, Jiangsu's "fast attack" worked. When Chen Chen and Lu Chenjie were on the base, Cai Weifan duly hit the next city, Jiangsu 1:0 Beijing.

In the second half of the fifth inning, Wang Ning hit the pitcher's strong attack ball, the pitcher subconsciously blocked the ball and bounced to the direction of the guerrilla, Lu Yun was eager to pass the kill and run the pass was not accurate, a bounce Zhang Sai failed to stop, Wang Ning came to the second base, Chen Chen sent it to the back. Although Lu Yi was killed by hitting the infield rolling earth, he also scored from home run by another teammate, Jiangsu 2:0 Beijing.

On the Beijing side, on the other hand, the first six innings were severely suppressed by Zhu Jinghao's pitch and only hit a single and failed to score.

In the first half of the seventh inning, Wang Ning played in a timely manner and then added insurance points, Jiangsu 3:0 Beijing. Chen Chen's three-base flat flying ball was blocked by Lu Yihan's hand to steadily receive the glove, and although the first baserunr Wang Ning struggled to return to the base, the momentum of the helpless second base was difficult to recover, and lu Yihan's pass was taken out to achieve a double kill to complete the half inning.

In the second half of the seventh inning, after Lu Yi'an played, although Dong Weifei was out of the round, he had no choice but to continuously escort Wu Ge and Nine Sticks Hu Jinyong to form a full base. Although he was out of the game after taking Liang Pei's flying ball, he had no choice but to face Wang Qiqi and then send a guarantee, and Beijing squeezed back a point 1:3 Jiangsu. In the bottom half of the eighth inning, Lu Yi hit a left fielder's overhead second base to help Zhang Sai return home run to 2:3. At one point, I saw the hope of a reversal in the final game.

Helplessly in the first half of the ninth inning, four guarantees in a single set mixed with Chen Chen's timely hit, Jiangsu once again pulled the score far to 5:2. Beijing's attack in the second half of the game was helpless to defend the opponent three up and three down, leaving the suspense of the regular season championship until the last matchday.

Starting lineup:


One stick Chen Chen third baseman

Second stick Lu Yi right fielder

Three-bar Du Xiaolei second baseman

Four sticks Lu Chenjie designated a strike

Five sticks Cai Weifan first baseman

Six sticks Zhang Fan catcher

Seven sticks Chen Hao left field hand

Eight sticks Li Qi guerrilla

Nine sticks Wang Ning Is a fielder in the middle of the country

Pitcher Zhu Jinghao


A stick Liang Pei second baseman

Two sticks Wang Qiqi right fielder

Three-bar Lu Yihan Third baseman

Four-bar Zhang Sai First baseman

Five sticks Lu Yun guerrilla

Six sticks Lu Yi left fielder

Seven sticks Dong Wei Is a fielder

Eight sticks Xue Zhe designated strikes

Nine sticks Hu Jinyong catcher

Pitcher Li Qian

Contributed by: Suri

Tianjin Lion VS Guangdong Cheetah

[Data Highlights]

Tianjin Lion Cui Bowen all four hits on base, three hits of two of the second base, one point of the hit, the performance was amazing.

[Competition Progress]

In the first half of the first half of the game, the 35-year-old veteran Qi Xuan faced 18-year-old Zhou Jie with a far-reaching homer from the left and outfield, and the next blow Li Shenghong's guerrilla direction of the cross-hit allowed Guangdong to score a point first, and Guangdong led 1-0. In the second half of the first inning, Tianjin launched a counterattack, the first batsman Zhang Chunxuan came up to a sharp right field to successfully stand on second base, and then through Li Hao's sacrifice to hit third base, Lin Jiawei, who had a brilliant performance in yesterday's game, hit a key homer to help Tianjin team equalize 1-1.

In the first half of the third inning, guangdong team launched another offensive attack in the second round, wang Weige first selected to escort, and then a touch ball of Zhou Jie formed a situation where one person was out of the first and second base, and the next stick last time played a three-base home, and the result was that the first ball was qi xuan once again played a far-reaching three-base homer, and the Guangdong team scored two more points, leading 3-1.

In the second half of the sixth inning, Tianjin team ushered in a counterattack, Cui Bowen relied on the cantonese team Xie Haibin's defensive mistake to safely stand on the first base, and then Zhang Zeyi's outfield homer with a sharp landing point formed a situation where one person was out of the first an

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