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Beijing Tigers win Jiangsu Vantage Horse 2-1 Beijing to take the point in the Chinese baseball finals

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On October 19, Beijing time, the 2019 CBSA Finals saw the third game, and as the regular season champion, Beijing had the home rights for the last three games. In the previous two games, each team won one game each, so this game is also regarded as the battle of Heaven's Mountain. In this game, Beijing Tigers knocked out 15 hits and scored 11 runs in 6 innings, and according to the rules of the CBSA, Beijing Tigers led Jiangsu Vantage 11-1 after 7 innings of play to end the game early. The Beijing Tigers successfully took the game point.

[Stat Highlights]

Beijing Tigers starter Li Qian pitched all seven innings, giving up one run on six hits with one four-out walk and one strikeout, finishing with a quality start and being the main contributor to the Beijing Tigers' victory. On the Beltline, Wang Seedy knocked three hits in five at-bats with two RBIs, while Lu Yi and Hou Han Gang both went 4-for-4 with two hits and four RBIs.

[Game progress]

In the top of the first inning, Jiangsu Vantage Horse's right fielder Lu Yi hit a fly ball and was picked off. Third baseman Chen Chen hit a deep base hit to right field, but was retired by Beijing Tigers' Wang Seedqi in the warning zone. The second baseman Du Xiaolei hit a single through the second yard guard and successfully reached base. Unfortunately, Chen Chen, playing as the designated hitter, struck out and the Beijing Tigers quickly ended the half inning.

In the bottom of the first inning, the Beijing Tigers took the lead in showing their desire for the championship. Second baseman Pei Liang, as the leadoff batter, advanced to second base with a four-out walk and a successful stolen base. Right fielder Wang Seedy knocked a hit through the first base guard, sending home Liang Pei and stepping directly to the second base himself. Third baseman Lu Yihan picked up another four bad walks, and Beijing took first and second base. Jiangsu Vantage Horse had no choice but to change pitches early, with Wu Anjun taking the mound. After a fly out by first baseman Zhang Sai, shortstop Lu Yun hit a bunt through the third base to load the bases for Beijing. Left fielder Lu Yi hit a triple to center field that cleared the bases and gave Beijing an early 4-0 lead. After center fielder Dong Wei struck out, Hou Hanguang, playing as the designated hitter, hit a Texas RBI single to help Beijing extend the lead to 5-0. Catcher Li Yifan hit another groundout to put Beijing on first and third base. It was the leadoff batter's turn, and Liang Pei hit a single to left field with an RBI. Wang Seedqi hit a groundout to bring home Li Yifan, leaving Beijing with runners on first and third. Lu Yihan hit a fly ball to center field and was picked off for a direct hit. By the end of the first inning, Beijing had taken a 7-0 lead.

In the top of the second inning, after two outs, left fielder Chen Hao hit a single to first base. But shortstop Li Qi hit a fly ball out of bounds and was picked off for a direct hit. In the bottom of the second inning, Jiangsu changed pitchers again, and Li Ning Ji took the mound after the pitch. Zhang Sai hit an RBI single to right field to reach first base. Lu Yun chose to sacrifice bunt to advance Zhang Sai to second base. After Lu Yi struck out, Dong Wei patiently picked up a four-bagger walk to put runners on first and second with two outs for Beijing. But Hou Hanguang struck out, leaving Beijing with the stumps on first and second to end the half-inning.

In the top of the third inning, Jiangsu Vantage Horse center fielder Wang Ning took second base with a single and a stolen base. Lu Yi hit a grounder to shortstop to make it 6-3 in favor of Beijing, but Wang Ning moved to third base. Chen Chen hit a single to left field to bring home Wang Ning, scoring Jiangsu's first run of the game. Du Xiaolei hit an infield grounder to shortstop, and Beijing finished the half-inning with a 6-4-3 double play to end the game. In the bottom of the third inning, Li Yifan bunted successfully and advanced to first base. Liang Pei's sacrifice bunt advanced Li Yifan to second base. However, Wang Seedy and Lu Yihan both knocked fly balls for outs, leaving Beijing with a stumped runner on second base.

In the top of the fourth inning, with two outs, Cai Weifan managed to reach second base with a single and a stolen base. But with Chen Hao's fly ball out, Jiangsu left the stumps with a runner on second base to end the half inning. In the bottom of the fourth, Zhang Sai advanced to first base on a four-out walk. Lu Yun was then walked by a ground ball, and Beijing took first and second base. Lu Yi chose to sacrifice bunt, advancing Zhang Sai and Lu Yun to second and third base. Dong Wei was struck out. Hou Hanguang hit a grounder in the direction of shortstop, causing an error in Jiangsu's guard, and Beijing added another run and still took first and third base. Li Yifan hit a Texas RBI single with a run scored. Liang Pei hit an infield grounder that was blocked for an out, and Beijing added two more insurance runs in this half inning to take a huge 9-1 lead.

In the top of the fifth, after Li Qi and Wang Ning were both picked off for outs, Lu Yi picked up a four-bad walk. Chen Chen knocked a grounder in the direction of shortstop and was shut out 6-3. In the bottom of the fifth inning, the leadoff batter, Wang Seedqi, hit a single to right field. Lu Yihan hit a double to left field, and Beijing took second and third base with no outs. Zhang Sai hit an infield grounder that was blocked for an out. Lu Yun knocked a base hit across the third swimmer's guard, sending home Wang Seedy, still keeping the bases loaded at first and third. Lu Yi singled to center field, scoring his fourth RBI, while Beijing was still holding first and second base. Unfortunately, Dong Wei and Hou Hangang both made fly outs, leaving Beijing with runners on first and second, but the score was already extended to 11-1.

In the top of the sixth inning, Du Xiaolei knocked an infield grounder that was blocked out 5-3. Chen Chen hit a Texas RBI single to center field and successfully reached first base. Zhang Fan hit a powerful grounder to third base, Lu Yihan showed his Gold Glove level defense and got the ball after pouncing in the air, making it 5-3 to seal the game, while Chen Chen took the momentum to second base. Cai Weifan knocked a fly ball straight out, and Beijing got the third out without incident. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Jiangsu changed pitchers again, with Zhao Fuyang playing as a relief pitcher. Zhao Fuyang finished the game with a 6-3 shutout and two strikeouts, completing the first three-up, three-down game for both teams.

In the top of the seventh inning, Beijing starter Li Qian didn't give Jiangsu's batter any chance and returned a beautiful three-up-three-down game.

[Starters from both sides]

Beijing Tigers.

Liang Pei, second baseman

Wang Seedqi, right fielder

Lu Yihan, third baseman

Zhang Sai, first base

Lu Yun, shortstop

Lu Yi, left fielder

Dong Wei, center fielder

Hou Hangang, designated hitter

Li Yifan, catcher

Starting pitcher: Li Qian

Jiangsu Kui Ma.

Lu Yi, right fielder

Chen Chen, third baseman

Du Xiaolei, second baseman

Chen Chen, designated hitter

Zhang Fan, catcher

Cai Weifan, first baseman

Chen Hao, left fielder

Li Qi, Shortstop

Wang Ning, center fielder

Starting pitcher: Zijie Ye

Post-game interview.

Jiangsu head coach Chen Rui Zhen believes that being down by a large margin in the first inning today has a big impact on the players, and their mentality is not stable enough at the offensive end. "Tomorrow is a very crucial game and will try to put the pitchers in good shape on the team in the starting lineup as much as possible."

"After the first set of mentality some fall, the score pulled away so much to catch up more difficult, there are many opportunities did not grasp." Jiangsu team Lu Yi said today after going back will adjust the mentality, forget the loss of this game, start again from scratch, fully prepared to meet the backwater battle.

Beijing team head coach Luo Weijun was very satisfied with the performance of the players in this game, "before the game we hit the coach repeatedly reminded everyone to hit the ball on the ground, we executed very well, the whole tactical execution is very strong. The first inning hit 7 runs and the whole hitting line was very good."

Li Qian performed very well as Beijing's starting pitcher in this game, "I have accumulated some self-confidence in the usual training and games, so I was more relaxed on the field. The whole team is a team, and everyone playing well can give me more motivation."

The 18-year-old youngster HOU Hangang as the designated hitter of the game, today is the first time on the field, the performance is very eye-catching, the first one knocked out a hit "the afternoon before the coach said there is a possibility for me to play DH, I feel very excited, the night itself also extra practice, afraid that I do not play well." As a young player on the team, he will have a lot of pressure, but at the same time, he also believes that youth is his advantage, and will continue to work hard afterwards.

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