Sep 13 2022

Finally a ball to watch!What do you know about CPBL?

By Basu
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The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) is the earliest professional sports league established in Taiwan, China, and the only professional baseball league in the region.

Recently, the first game of the new CPBL season officially started, and in this year of 2020, when the global sports events have been halted due to the epidemic, Chinese Taiwan fans are undoubtedly happy.

Quick response, CPBL rushes out of Treasure Island

The 31st Chinese Professional Baseball League officially opened on April 12.

This is also the third sports league launched in Taiwan, China, after basketball and soccer seasons. At the same time, it is also the first professional baseball league to start playing this year, globally.


As long as it is a functioning sporting event, regardless of the level or not, is the focus of global sports attention - people have no choice, can have live games to watch, but "what do you need a bike" ... ...

In the world, there are only four high-level soccer leagues in progress, and with the postponement of the Burundi league and the end of the Nicaraguan spring league, there are only two leagues left in Belarus and Tajikistan that can be played normally.

In normal times, you would never pay attention to such a tournament, but the fact is that the broadcasting rights of the Belarusian league have recently been sold to more than 10 countries, making it the most talked about sporting event among fans at the moment.


Back to baseball.

Taiwan, China, despite its proximity to the mainland, has nevertheless not seen massive case growth or outbreaks in this wave of the epidemic because of over-deployment. As of April 17, the number of confirmed cases in Taiwan was only 395, and there have been two consecutive days with zero confirmed cases, showing signs of a leveling off of the epidemic.

The region's basketball league, the SBL, has entered the playoffs and the soccer season has opened, but it is the Chinese Varsity Baseball that gets the most attention. After all, it is the highest level and the only professional sports league on the island.

The CPBL currently consists of 4 teams (5 for next season) and was initially scheduled to open on March 14, but was later postponed first to March 28 due to the epidemic, and finally the ball club and the league discussed and then decided to open the new season on April 12, and the season will all be played in empty games.


As we mentioned in the previous article about the influence of the White Russian Super Bowl overseas, the Chinese baseball team was no exception. 12 days after the game started, it received the attention of two traditional baseball powers, the United States and Japan, and fans and many famous sports commentators asked how to watch the broadcast.

Statistics show that more than 640,000 fans watched the game via Twitter ELEVEN Sports on April 16 alone, and more than 300,000 people watched the game via Twitch. About 60 percent of the audience was from the United States, while Japan, South Korea, Brazil and Argentina also had a number of fans, all following the previously uncharted sports league for the first time.

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