Sep 13 2022

The china baseball professional league established cnbl and MLB strategic cooperation conference was held

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On August 15, OKBET sports, the China Professional Baseball League (CNBL) and the Major League Baseball (MLB) Strategic Cooperation Conference and the 2019 China Professional Baseball Conference The league opener reception was held in Tianjin. As the core institution leading the development of China's professional baseball league in the future, the China Baseball Professional League was officially established, and a strategic cooperation agreement was signed with MLB, which represents the highest level in the world, marking that the Chinese professional baseball league will firmly advance along the road of marketization, professionalization and internationalization.


Li Yingchuan, deputy director of the State General Administration of Sports, Chen Yan, secretary of the Party Committee of the Handball and Softball Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, Liang Zongping, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Shougang Group, director, chairman of the trade union and chairman of Shougang Sports, Chen Xu, chairman of the China Baseball Association, Xie Bin, secretary general of the Chinese Baseball Association, and Qin Xiaowen, chairman of the China Professional Baseball League and president of Shougang Sports Jim Small, senior vice president of mlb international affairs, Kim Ng, senior vice president of MLB baseball operations, Qi Dong, managing director of MLB China, Yoo Dahuan, secretary general of Korea Professional Baseball League, Xu Yanhui, deputy secretary general of China Professional Baseball, Donnie Nelson, investor of Texas Pilots Baseball Club, general manager of NBA Dallas Mavericks Club, and president of basketball operations, Leaders and guests such as Don James Nelson, an investor at the Texas Pilots Baseball Club, attended today's strategic cooperation conference.

Chen Yan, secretary of the Party Committee of the Handball and Softball Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport, announced the official establishment of the China Baseball Professional League. In her speech, she said: As a sports industry pilot unit approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Sports, the promotion of the professional reform of baseball leagues is also conducive to the development of the sports industry and the upgrading of the industrial chain of the competition market. In the future development of the league, the clubs participating in the league must work together towards a goal, and the professional league can truly become a community of interests, which is the prerequisite for the sustainable development of the Chinese professional baseball league.

Qin Xiaowen, president of Shougang Sports, as the president of the China Baseball Professional League, said: "Today is a day worth writing into the history of Chinese baseball, in today's Establishment of the China Baseball Professional League, tonight will hold the opening of the first Chinese Professional Baseball League, and at the same time today CNBL and MLB reached a strategic cooperation, the future will further carry out more cooperation." All this is inseparable from the support of the State General Administration of Sports, local sports bureaus and the Chinese Baseball Association, the trust of the clubs, and thanks to the friends from all over the world. ”

Chen Xu, president of the Chinese Baseball Association, and Qin Xiaowen, president of the Chinese Professional Baseball League, are in the middle of the professional baseball The hand-drawn frame of the LOGO was signed, and the China Professional Baseball League began a new journey.

Baseball has returned to the Olympic Games after 12 years, and Chinese baseball needs such a historical opportunity to complete the growth, development and leapfrogging of the career path. For a long time in the past, Chinese baseball has experienced hardships, and now it has finally ushered in an important moment of "finishing touches", and the birth of "professional leagues" contains the expectations of generations of Chinese baseball players. The establishment of the China Professional Baseball League, sponsored by the Chinese Baseball Association and co-sponsored by Beijing Shougang Sports Culture Co., Ltd., and the establishment of China Professional Baseball (Beijing) Events Co., Ltd. not only proves the broad prospects of Chinese baseball, but also indicates the vitality of Chinese baseball.

Mr. Jim Smol, Senior Vice President of International Affairs at MLB, said, "MLB is honored to join hands with the Chinese Professional Baseball League to contribute to the development of Chinese baseball. MLB has been committed to the development of global baseball for many years, and has been working on baseball and baseball culture promotion in China for many years. The Chinese baseball market has great potential for development, with the establishment of the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CNBL), the development of the league and the return of baseball projects to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, it is believed that this sport will usher in a new round of development opportunities in China, MLB is pleased to be a participant and witness to all this. ”

Under the witness of the on-site leaders, Ms. Qin Xiaowen, president of the China Professional Baseball League, and Jim Smol, senior vice president of MLB International Affairs, signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation, and the two sides plan to carry out all-round cooperation in event management, league operation, market operation, player transfer and introduction, club management and operation, and youth baseball promotion. The joint LOGO of CNBL and MLB will appear as a sign of cooperation between the two sides on many occasions to promote the Chinese professional baseball league, and the two sides will also jointly launch more activities to promote baseball. Chairman Qin Xiaowen and Jim Smol exchanged gifts representing their respective league-specific CNBL jerseys and MLB baseball gloves.

This time The conclusion of the strategic cooperation agreement between CNBL and MLB marks the formal integration of China's professional baseball leagues with international high-end resources, and at the same time, CNBL will also enhance exchanges and cooperation with high-level professional baseball leagues such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea, and comprehensively promote the internationalization and professional development of Chinese professional baseball leagues. The China Professional Baseball League will also enhance its interaction with primary and secondary school baseball teams, universities and social baseball clubs, and comprehensively promote the development of China Professional Baseball into a professional league closely integrated with internationalization and localization through cooperation in mat games, mutual visits and exchanges, guidance training and event organization.

The Tianjin Lions are held tonight at the Tianjin Tuanbo Center Baseball Stadium The match against the Beijing Tigers will kick off the 2019 Chinese Professional Baseball League. Off-site fans will experience a baseball game experience from the joint efforts of CNBL and MLB, including pitching speed measurements from ace pitchers, a batting experience under the guidance of professional coaches, and VR high-tech new technologies that will allow experiencers to experience the dynamic excitement of baseball in an immersive, panoramic way.

There is no doubt that the establishment of the Chinese Baseball Professional League and the opening of the Chinese Professional Baseball League will bring China's baseball into a new era of rapid development.

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